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Touchbase for Real Estate Offices

Touchbase Office
Highly affordable system designed to help your staff to execute their daily tasks in a faster and easier way.

High Performance Showing Management

  • Designed for your staff to provide a quick response with a minimum of effort.
  • Instant automatic communication with the seller
  • Collaborative showing availability agenda
  • Automatic, pre-approved confirmations
  • Intelligent search, Real-Time tracking, and more...

Powerful Messaging System

  • Communicate with your sales people the way they want, sms (with sms reply feature), e-mail or the all new SM2 mobile app.
  • Customize groups or assistants for all your messaging needs
  • Link all your Offices in different locations
  • Inter Office communications with all other members of the Touchbase community.

A collaborative System with access for everyone involved

  • Agents access their own message report from PC, tablet, or smartphone SM2 application
  • Reports can automatically be generated and delivered to multiple recipients
  • Seller Interface: access to activity reports for their property, showing availability agenda for viewing and/or editing, and instant messaging with the listing agent/office
  • Call Center Interface: 24/7 consistency of messaging as your call center takes over after hours with the same communication tool that your admin uses

Fully Web-based

  • No software or hardware to install
  • No maintenance or updating fees

Other features

  • Intelligent search by partial name, listing or street address
  • Auto populated contact Book from all incoming callers
  • Record Keeping function for complete reports and future references
  • Duty scheduling with automated duty reminder to agents
  • Automatic feedback request for all showings
  • In/Out management tool for on-screen display
  • Listings automatically updated from your MLS
  • Touchbase online appointment button on all your listings on your MLS system
  • Proven speed and reliability, averaging 99,98% uptime for the past 5 years
  • System used by over 3,300 Offices

Pricing structure makes it affordable for any size Office

  • Starting from $ 49,95/month
  • No implementation or training fee
  • No obligation and no contract to sign
  • 30 day free trial, contact us...
  • For a short demo, a quotation or a free trial, contact us :, call us at 800-469-1664 or
    chat with us to take a phone appointment
Touchbase Voice
Too much time lost on the phone ?
Voice can not only answer the phone for you, but also makes your outbound confirmation calls !

Automated appointment desk

  • Never have a busy line again, TB Voice Answers 50 lines at a time!
  • Fully integrated to Touchbase Office, Voice manages the inbound showing requests, modifications or cancellations.
  • Identifies the caller, the listing of interest and date and time desired for a showing, then populates all details of the request directly to the Touchbase system for processing.
  • Never put potential clients on hold, keep your lines free for them
  • Personalised welcome and menu options
  • Eliminates misunderstanding caused by language issues

Automated outbound confirmation calls

  • Automatically upon confirmation, or on demand, the system calls
  • Never lose time on hold, to confirm an appointment
  • Calls listing agent or office depending on your policies
  • Launches automatically upon confirmation, or on demand

Automated call dispatch

  • Formely knowned as Touchbase Communicator, the dispatch system can be activated to allow calls to automatically be redirected to the requested person, staff or agents.
  • Cell phone, sms alert, voice e-mail , Every one controls how they want their calls to be forwarded.
  • Works with the most advanced voice recognition technology
  • All calls are logged in Touchbase reports.

Flexible and convenient

  • The system is accessible via a local phone number.Offer it to callers from your phone menu; “For our automated appointment desk, please press 1″
  • Publish the appointment line on your listings on the MLS
  • Program it to assist your staff during your peak period; transfer on busy line or as a permanent receptionist.

Fully Web-based

  • No software or hardware to install
  • No maintenance or updating fees
  • No implementation or training fee
  • No obligation and no contract to sign
  • 30 day free trial, contact us…
Touchbase SM2
Touchbase Office allows all your agents to benefit from the free SM2 LITE application for smartphone. This allows them to receive all their messages in their SM2 smartbox, and access their message report.
  • You can now offer the full functions of Touchbase SM2 Pro to all your agents
  • Mobile appointment request tool that carries showing requests on any listing
  • Calendar organiser auto populated with all appointments
  • Mapping tool to help itinerary planning
  • All new interface for tablet or Pc with multi showing engine
Install the free Touchbase SM2 application directly from your mobile application store and login with your MLS member codes. SM2 is optimized for the latest versions of iPhones, Blackberry and Android smartphones.


Touchbase for Real Estate Associations

Despite all the available technologies, one critical problem remains for members when it's time to communicate with each other. Each office and member has their own way to work and this often complicates efficient communication. Touchbase was designed to provide universality of communications within a Real Estate Association, taking into account everyone's preferences or habits.

Stay in touch

It allows agents, brokers, and office staff to contact one another through their MLS system, as well as through any computer or wireless device with an internet connection.

Messages management

Be it SMS, emails, pager or smartphone applications, Touchbase allows users to control when, where and how they receive their messages, program their own replacements, customize and post property notes (which link to their MLS system), and access various reports.

Advantages for Offices

For offices, clerical staff can make adjustments to profiles, see reports, page-out group messages as well as send messages to agents directly. They can also manage showings, listings, and have access to an agent-presence management feature.
Board staff also have access to their own interface, which allows them to send out messages to groups, or even board-wide. This has proven very useful in local emergency situations, or in the case of a missing child, where an Amber Alert can be sent to all members of a board. This is a great opportunity to contribute to your community's safety. Boards also have access to a reports section that allows them to monitor activity, build statistics and even significantly improve market projections.

With Touchbase, Real Estate Associations have the opportunity to add great value to their membership with features that will not only benefit them in their everyday tasks, but solve true problems and contribute to a more professional image of the organized Real Estate.

About us

About Touchbase

A division of Tootelo Innovation Inc., Touchbase has been offering since 1994 innovative solutions that are tailor-made for the Real Estate industry. Touchbase system is implemented coast to coast in 45 Real Estate Boards serving over 90,000 members who all share a common need: To ensure that their communications are managed in a professional and efficient manner.

Our mission

To help our clients to be more effective in their line of work by giving them access to solutions allowing for optimized electronic or telephone communication.To ensure our employees' continual growth, both professionally and personally.

About Tootelo

Tootelo is a corporation made up of several teams sharing a common passion for innovation. The company provides all necessary resources to its divisions (intraprises). The teams are comprised of experienced managers possessing skills and expertise in Administration and Finance, Human Resources, R & D and Marketing. These teams ensure the effective management of existing divisions, and at the same time work on future intraprises development. Tootelo is comprised of three different independent intraprises providing IT services to their respective clients. Supported by the service team intrapreneurs, they benefit from the freedom to devote their efforts to their individual primary purposes: thinking in a strategic way that focuses on the future, favoring a constructive, imaginative atmosphere to stimulate creativity, supporting the innovative spirit to fuel the growth of new ideas, research and development for intraprises advancement, and conducting business operations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Development

Tootelo is convinced that every single effort towards healthy environmental practices implementation is a valuable one. That is why we created and apply no less than 50 easy solutions that contribute to make a difference. In addition to using them on an internal basis, we promote them in our client relationships, on our website and whenever we participate in seminars and conferences. We use and value, among others, a paper-free environment, recyclable or recycled matter use; we have been among the first, some 9 years ago, to buy and use a hybrid corporate vehicle, and are now using electric ones.


Touchbase is a wonderful user friendly tool that allows me to contact other realtors and staff on the touchbase system promptly and have a record of the content of messages received and sent. I cannot say enough about how helpful it is to book appointments for showings, get feedback from showings, or just message another person some information. Not having to go through the secretaries or look up an email address saves a lot of time.

Debbie Collins, Broker


When I hear of other Real Estate Boards & Associations that don't have Touchbase I just shudder to think what life would be like without it!! The ease with which to make appointments, confirm appointments & automatically ask for feedback is a real time saver, not to mention have your listing, (if it's vacant) to automatically confirm the showing request without me or my assistant having to lift a finger is just awesome!!

In Gratitude,

Richard Thyssen,
Broker of Record


Anytime a step can be eliminated (involving a third party) fewer mistakes will happen and that's what Touchbase does for us. This system also creates transparency between our agents and our clients with their honest feedback from showings.

Gerry Weir,
Broker of Record


The Touchbase solution provides our Realtors®, company, and clients with an all-encompassing communication platform. Its features, integration, web based platform, ease of use, and support leave it unparalleled in the industry.

Ryan Johnstone,
Broker / Manager


We have been using Touchbase for a few years now. It has been a rewarding experience! We would unequivocally recommend your program to anyone associated with the real estate field.

Yours truly,
Kim Renaud, Office Manager, Call Centre Systems


As the largest Real Estate Brokerage in our market, we deal with over 3200 appointments each week. For paging out our 2800 agents and for our showing management needs, we rely exclusively on the Touchbase system. We have used various systems over the years and nothing comes close to Touchbase for speed, flexibility, and reliability in our opinion. Also the Touchbase team are very quick to listen to our needs and to respond to them. We would not hesitate to recommend this system to any Brokerage.

Michelle Kemp,
Appointment Desk General Manager


Benefits of using Touchbase to send Requests : - It takes me 15 seconds to request a showing. No kidding. If I'm booking appointments and all listing agents are on Touchbase, I can request 8 showings in under 2 minutes. - I don't have to listen while someone explains to me how a paging service works. " The agent is not in the office right now but I will take your information and page the message out to them and they will return your call if that is OK with you" (I've booked at least one more showing through Touchbase while listening to the explanation!!)

Karen Salmon,
Alberta Based Realtor®


Getting messages out to our 240 salespeople in a timely and accurate fashion is probably the most important service we provide to our sales people. We were early adopters (early 1990s) of a "front office" application and for many years we were the only brokerage in our area to use one. When we switched to Touchbase the paging improved dramatically. I'm often amazed that within 10 seconds of sending a page out to someone, they are returning my call. The other great benefit with Touchbase is that our after hours answering service uses the same system resulting in consistency. I have found the staff at Touchbase extremely responsive to requests and their customer service is enviable.

Peter Hoffman,
Broker of Record/Owner

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