What is Touchbase Real Estate?

A communication platform designed specifically for the real estate industry, Touchbase connects real estate professionals like never before, and has become the golden standard for real estate communication across Canada.

Touchbase saves time with logical shortcuts and the elimination of redundant transactions in the showing management process. Touchbase also promotes efficiency and organization through reports, calendar synchronization, and a multitude of other time-saving features.

Touchbase is also known for its exceptional group messaging capabilities - on the brokerage level and on the Board level - which reaches all members or a specific group of members on the device each member has chosen. Each member customizes their Touchbase profile to determine how they are reached in their field, whether it is via text message, email, or through the free Touchbase mobile app.

With dozens of features tailored specifically to agents and office personnel, Touchbase is the Canadian leader in Real Estate communications and showing management solutions - and has been since 1994.

touchbase testimonial

“Getting messages out to our 240 salespeople in a timely and accurate fashion is probably the most important service we provide to our sales people. We were early adopters (early 1990s) of a "front office" application and for many years we were the only brokerage in our area to use one. When we switched to Touchbase the paging improved dramatically. I'm often amazed that within 10 seconds of sending a page out to someone, they are returning my call. The other great benefit with Touchbase is that our after-hours answering service uses the same system resulting in consistency. I have found the staff at Touchbase extremely responsive to requests and their customer service is enviable.”

Peter Hoffman, Broker of Record
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To help our clients to be more effective in their line of work by giving them access to solutions allowing for optimized communication.
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In short about us

Touchbase Real Estate was founded in 1994 by Benoit Brunel, who was trying to find the most efficient way to help his mother manage her Real Estate appointments. After countless phone calls, rescheduling, and telephone tag, he realized that there had to be a better way.

Since then, Touchbase has become a leader in its field, with the most diligent work flow in the industry, and the best tools to increase efficiency and organization in the workplace.

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  • facts about touchbase
    Touchbase is located in Boucherville, Quebec
  • facts about touchbase
    We are a green company; over 50 green policies
  • facts about touchbase
    99.98% uptime over the last 6 years
  • facts about touchbase
    Touchbase Reports are legally admissible in court
  • facts about touchbase
    Comes with a free call centre interface
  • facts about touchbase
    Only certified REALTORS® can use Touchbase
  • facts about touchbase
    All of our agents speak at least two languages



  • Touchbase was the first showing management system
  • We are a green company; over 50 green policies
  • 99.98% uptime over the last 8 years
  • Touchbase Reports are legally admissible in court
  • Comes with a free call centre interface
  • Only certified REALTORS® can use Touchbase
  • All of our reps speak at least two languages