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Messaging System

Reach each agent on the device of their choice, as they set up their profile the way they want (SM2 app, SMS, email, pager)
Create unlimited customized groups to reach your whole office at once.

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Touchbase makes it possible to automate most of the steps involved in the showing process, for instant results.
Our impressive work flow makes it easy to choose which messages you receive, and how & when you receive them.

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Fully Web-Based

Access for all members

Access reports going back two years.
Agents can access their own reports, set up their  profiles, and so much more.
Create an 'other' type profile for non-agents, if you need to be able to reach them in group messages, etc.

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Powerful Messaging System

Touchbase For Admins:

  • Create and customize an unlimited number of groups for various office purposes
  • Link with other branches so you can contact their members and manage everything in one place
  • Contact agents from other branches
  • Intelligent search only requires the first 3 characters of an agent's name or listing
  • Unlimited free training sessions
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Laptop & Desktop
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Tablets (iOS & Android)
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Apple, Android, and BlackBerry
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Awesome features

Efficiency Beyond Compare

User Profile

Each agent has their own profile, which they can customize to fit their needs.

This means that you choose which messages you want to receive, when you want to receive them, and how you receive them... so you never miss a message.

Group Messaging

The ultimate group messaging tool.

Contact anyone or everyone in your office with an unlimited number of customized groups. Members are reached according to their user profile, which means that they will always get your messages.

You can even send group messages to other branches of your brokerage, as long as they are linked in Touchbase.

Showings In Process

Designed for administrators and agents with high-volume showings, the Showings in Process section allows for efficient showing management.

See an overview of all showings at a glance, and open up each one to view the details. 

You can confirm, cancel, modify, and edit each showing with this clear and organized interface.

Set up a notification, so you can stay on top of your work.

Duty Schedule

REALTORS® have the option to participate in the Smart Duty schedule. All he or she has to do, is go into their profile, click on the parameters tab, and tick the appropriate box. Doing so, it will include you in the automatic duty schedule. With this new feature, whenever someone types "duty" in the recipient field, the system will automatically link to a duty agent, and the name will change with every new duty call!

Listing Details

Administrators can modify every aspect of every listing. Taken directly from the MLS system, listings automatically populate in Touchbase and can be modified to suit your needs:

  • Admin notes (for internal use only)
  • Listing notes
  • Showing instructions & lockbox information are automatically sent with confirmation
  • Add notice required before showing

Listing Dispatch

The office can be copied in on various types of messages. 

If you manage your REALTORS®' showings, that can be reflected in the listing dispatch. Choose between always, never, on office hours, and out of office hours, for each type of message.

Alternatively, set agents up to manage their own showings.


Check reports, going back two years. Set up and unlimited number automatic email reports. Administrators can have access to all office staff's reports.

Report by Property

Need to find that showing request from last week? We make it simple. Choose the property, the type of message, and the time frame.

Activity Reports

A concise report that shows all the details of your showings on one line, for a complete overview of your activity. Separated by property for instant clarification. Export it, print it out, email it.

So much more

Touchbase has a total of 23 different reports, with a focus on different aspects of your communications, so each member can find the one that they like best.

Office Preferences

Modify office settings to reflect your preferences:

  • Opening hours
  • Holidays
  • Default message dispatch
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Change the default order of the names in your office
  • Add or remove sender initials at the end of each message
  • Upload your logo so that it shows in your reports

And more...

Intricate workflow

We made it simple for you

Our unique back-end system allows a workflow unlike any other in the industry. 

Starting with the board's settings, your message passes through office settings, team settings, agent settings, device settings, and finally, replacement settings... all in just a few seconds. 

The message will get where it needs to go, with absolutely no effort on your part. 

touchbase sm2 iphone

Touchbase SM2

The Interactive Showing Management & Communication Tool in Their pocket.

SM2 makes it easy for you to reach your members instantly. Take a call for a showing request on their property, and they will receive it the moment you hit 'send'. It's just that easy.

  • Fully synched with agents' Touchbase profiles
  • Fully web-based for instant message reception
  • All showings are automatically integrated into the calendar
  • Agents can consult reports for each property
  • Installing the app instantly activates agents' Touchbase profile, so you can reach them individually or with a group message
  • Agents can schedule a vacation replacement
web-based touchbase no downloads

Fully Web-Based

That Means No Downloads

  • Nothing to install (free app excluded)
  • No maintenance fees
  • All updates are free
  • No implentation or training fees
  • No obligation & no contract, so you can stop anytime
  • 30-day free trial
  • Cloud technology automatically integrates all listing and profile information regardless of the device
  • Appointment calendars automatically update with each new showing entered